Case Studies

Our case studies are from young people that Axis youth Hub has worked with. Names have been changed, to ensure confidentiality.

This Case Study is about a 17 year old, who after a breakdown in his relationship with his mother finds himself homeless, and unsure of where to turn.

This Case Study is about a 23 year old that after the accommodation where he was staying is sold, he finds himself homeless,with no employment and very unsure on how his life is going to turn out.

This Case Study is about a 17 year old, that after the family relationship broke down, found her-self unsure of how to move forwards, and very lonely.

This Case Study is about a 24 year old, that due to poor standards of living was evicted from his room in a shared house.    

This Case Study is about a 17yr old that finds herself homeless, Pregnant and sofa surfing with her 18yr old boyfriend following the breakdown of her family relationship.        

This Case Study is about a 18yr old that finds himself homeless, with no job and no income, and the improvements he makes in 5 months.        

Rob is a 15 year old boy who struggled with anger, depression and self harm. Robs relationship with his mother had completely broke down and he needed some support in moving forward.


This Case Study is about a young lady who asked for us to support her, regarding her accommodation, but it turned out that there were more areas that she needed support with.       

This Case Study is about a 16 year old who found himself homeless, and not in any training after a family breakdown.      

This Case Study is about a 17 yr old who is struggling with the impact of her social group on her relationship with her close family.

This Case Study is about a 25 yr old mother who was finding it increasingly difficult to cope with daily life with a young family.

This Case Study is about a young man  who needed help with social skills so that he could get into the work place.

A Case Study on a young couple who had recently moved into a new area and new home. The couple needed support with mental health and were unsure how they were going to survive financially. 


This is a Case Study about a young adult who feels socially isolated and needs support and help to find a job.


A Case Study on a young man who needed support with his mental health and help in finding a job.


This Case Study is about a young lady who is having difficulties with a relationship breakdown with her parents.


Amy was suffering from stress,anxiety and depression due to sofa surfing and family breakdown. Didn't know which way to turn and was very unsure how to move forward in her situation.

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Ollie had very little confidence and was suffering from depression. Ollie was struggling with his college environment and not engaging in social  activities.


Nicola was a young mom who had been in a volatile relationship, and had suffer with postnatal depression.